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Relative clauses

VIDEO: What you should know about EFSA - in 3 minutes
Combat Monsanto

After watching the video, try the following to show your comprehension:

Join the pairs of sentences into relative clauses
  1. EFSA is the European authority. It watches over our food safety.
  2. EFSA hires experts. These experts read the reports and give advice to EU institutions
  3. EFSA has often dismissed independent studies. These studies were not carried out at laboratories with a particular label.
  4. A label is very expensive to achieve and, what’s more, no guarantee of better scientific testing. This in practice favours industry-funded laboratories.
  5. EFSA has a panel of twenty researchers. Eleven of these researchers have links with the food industry. They have worked for it before.
  6. EFSA board member Milan Kováč had a second life as a director of the International Life Sciences Institute. His lobby group is sponsored by organizations like McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Unilever and Monsanto.
  7. Mr Kováč received strong criticisms from civil society groups. He has now stepped down from ILSI after those criticisms.
  8. ILSI represents political influence both in Brussels and in Washington. Important food safety decisions are taken in those two cities.
  9. The European Commission is a major client of EFSA. The Commission regularly dines with the big boys from the food industry.
  10. It would be better if the safety of our food was advised by independent scientists. Their reports are based on independent research.