2nd Batxillerat (2011-12)

Writing Assignments

Reporting: Writing a narrative

Goodbye to the Normals
Jim Field Smith 2006

1. Watch the film "Goodbye to the Normals" and fill in the blanks in the Word document below.
2. Write a narrative about the situation shown in the film. Describe the characters and report the dialogues
using different reporting verbs. No great detail is required so you may condense or summarize some of its parts as needed.
The numbers are given only as a guide for you to organize your narrative into logical units.
Make use of connectors.

An Opinion Essay

Write an Opinion Essay on the following topic:

Do you agree with the Catalan Government's measures to decrease expenditure on public health and education
in order to reduce its public deficit? How do you think they may affect healthcare and education standards in Catalonia?

Background information:
Before you write your essay, you might need to learn some basic information on the subject as well as familiarize yourself with the vocabulary and expressions related to the topic.

Catalan government cuts public health and education spending

Reading Assignments


How to Cite a Web Document

Useful Verbs for Summary Writing

Reading Schedule
September 2011

9/11 The 73 minutes that changed my life

Wordle: September 11

October 2011

Bullfighting ban in Catalonia ends century old cultural conflict – for now

Wordle: Bullfighting ban
Watch the CNN report on the bullfight ban in Catalonia

November 2011
News Article

The Genuine Danger of Counterfeit Medicines

December 2011
The Story of Broke



Annotated and Referenced Script
Leonard, Annie. "The Story of Broke: Annotated and Referenced Script." The Story of Stuff Project. The Story of Stuff Organization, November 2011. Web. 28 Nov 2011. <http://www.storyofstuff.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/SoBrokeAnnotatedScriptFINAL.pdf>.

January 2012
Ron Gutman: The hidden power of smiling


Interactive transcript is available below video box

February 2012
The Sinking of the Andrea Doria

Video Documentary

Original text by Kathy Kerbow

March 2012
Glastonbury Festivals

Love the farm, leave no trace

April 2012
May 2012